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If you’re sick of struggling to grow your Shopify store, or you’re looking for a simple way to start a lucrative e-commerce business selling custom designed products, then you NEED to read every last word of this letter… It’s that important!

Here's How You Can Easily Generate An Extra $25,000, $50,000, even $100,000 or More This Year Starting Right Now!...

Introducing the All New Shopify Fulfillment App That Offers 340+ Customizable Apparel Options at the Lowest Prices On the Market!

Matt Stefanik Matt Stefanik, The Lifestyle Architect­™

Since I began selling t-shirts back in 2013, I’ve seen countless companies like Teespring, Represent, Teezily, Teelaunch, The Printful, and Printify frustrate customers with high prices, limited options, and spotty quality. But now, with CustomCat, I’m certain you’ll never need to use those platforms ever again.

Nick Fielding Nick Fielding, "The Shopify Store Pro"

"With $300,584 sales in my first 7 months, I understand the importance of working with a fulfillment company that will always deliver at a good price. CustomCat provides the reliability and scalability that I need to succeed each and every day."

Do You Know What it Feels Like to be Held Back by Your
Product Fulfillment Company?

Have you ever?...

  • Struggled to generate a steady income from your Shopify store even though you’re slaving away at the computer for hours a day?
  • Looked for ways to expand but can’t scale because of your limited fulfillment company… or lost customers to online stores that can offer faster shipping times?
  • Wanted to develop a full line of clothing that’s fitted with your branding but then became frustrated to discover that your fulfillment company can’t produce the items you need?
  • Considered giving up on your e-commerce business because of the daily ‘pulling your hair out’ stress of making everything run smoothly with your fulfillment cases?
  • Struggled to turn an adequate profit because of high production costs on your deliverables… or become angry seeing your hard earn money get snatched up by overpriced production companies?

Then you NEED a Shopify fulfillment solution that makes it easy to build, grow, and scale your custom printed products business…

Luckily, There’s an Affordable Solution That Takes Care of ALL Your Custom Design Needs and Automatically Ships Your Products Anywhere in the World in Just 48 Hours...


Discover the Shopify fulfillment app that perfectly blends reliability, scalability, affordability, and customization options in one streamlined easy-to-use package.

After trying CustomCat, you’ll never need another Shopify Fulfillment app again. With a large selection, and the ability to deliver your product within 48 hours, you’ll finally be able to build the thriving custom designed products business you’ve been dreaming of.

Here’s what you’ll get when you use CustomCat as your Shopify fulfillment solution…

HI-RES Apparel Printing

Do you want your designs and photographs to look as beautiful on clothing as they do on the screen? Look no further than CustomCat! Our breakthrough technology allows you to sell printed apparel items in full-color and HD quality so that you can be proud of the quality of clothing you sell. And the best part? Your customers will wear it twice as often as their lower quality clothing…

Perfect Quality for Amazing Prices

CustomCat produces all of your custom products in-house and holds its employees to a high-standard of quality control. We’ll never outsource your products to save money. We’ll never send a low-quality item to your customer. Use us as your fulfillment solution, and you can count on the same high level of quality each and every time a customer orders.

The Best Technology for the Best Results

At CustomCat, we use state-of-the-art technology to completely eliminate user error. Tired of getting emails that say “sorry, we screwed up"? There’s no need to worry with us. Our technology handles the process, so there’s no room for mistakes. You’ll get exactly what you expect every time. More importantly, so will your customer.

Proven Track-Record of Success

Unlike many fulfillment companies out there who have jumped on the internet apparel craze, CustomCat has been in business for over 8 years. We’re well-established with a proven track record of integrity, quality, and customer satisfaction. Our experience is one reason why we can offer superior quality to our competitors, and at a better price.

No Waiting for Shipping

After 8 years in the custom apparel biz, we know that timely delivery is essential. Today, estimated shipping time can make the difference between a customer placing an order or moving on to another online retailer. But with us, you don’t have to worry about losing sales because of shipping. All of your customers’ orders will ship within 24 to 48 hours. Advertise our fast delivery on your store to increase sales. Your customers will love it, and so will you.

Plus, CustomCat Offers the Best Product Selection on the Market…

CustomCat delivers an extensive variety of available products that you can customize, sell, and ship quickly.  Within 48 hours, you can have YOUR customized design on the backs of hundreds of people across the globe.  Sell T-Shirts in Miami while you’re selling sweaters in Switzerland with no extra effort.

Choose from these top quality products…


• Over 52 styles for men, women, youth, toddlers, and infants.

• In the summer, slap your design on basic tees, tank tops, Champion athletic dri-fit tees, and racerback women’s tanks.

• In the winter, open a line of moisture-wicking long sleeves, and Raglan long sleeve compression shirts.

• Choose custom colors so that your branding will always stand out in the crowd.

• And so much more!



• 33 styles available for men, women, and youth.

• Choose from classic hoodie options, zip ups, Adidas performance quarter-zip pullovers, Raglan quarter-zip pullovers, and other quarter-zip sweatshirts.

• Or class it up with a crew neck sweatshirt, v-neck sweatshirts, vests and more!

• We even produce specialized letterman’s jackets for your local club or team. Corner the over-priced market with ease!

• And many more!


Polo Style Shirts

• 29 Styles for men, women and youth.

• Choose from moisture-wicking tag-free golf shirts, Nike dri-fit polos, and Adidas performance polos.

• Also choose from ladies sleeveless golf shirts, and long sleeve picque knit polos.

• Plus more options are available every day!



• 36 awesome styles for men, women, and youth.

• Pick from v-neck wind breakers, zipped nylon hooded wind breakers, and youth fleece-lined zipped jackets.

• You also have options for full-zip fleece jackets, fleece vests, soft-shell jackets, and a variety of performance pullovers.

• And there’s even more!



• 15 styles for men, women, and youth.

• Match your jacket warmups with matching pants, windbreaker jackets, track pants, and performance wear.

• This is a perfect option for branded clothing for local sports teams.

• Or, create your own designs for individual use.

• And, if you want something else, let us know and we’ll try to stock it!



• 15 styles for men, women, and youth.

• Choose from flannel pajama pants, open bottom sweat pants, sweats with pockets and fleece sweats.

• Also choose between athletic clothing like track pants, yoga pants, and capri yoga pants.

• Take your logo to the gym!


Dress Shirts

• 9 styles for men and women including short and long sleeve button-ups.

• Sell personalized classy work clothing to local businesses at a marked up price.

• Or add subtle branding to well-made dress clothing to broaden your brand’s appeal.

• Sell short sleeve shirts for more casual purposes, and long-sleeve shirts for more formal events.

• And we have more options every day!


Work Apparel

  • 10 items for men & women
  • includes medical scrubs!  The nurse niche has been hit hard with tees and hoodies, but have they ever seen this? Think of the possibilities...
  • We even have aprons, lab coats, and Dickies™ short and long sleeve shirts.  Could you add a new revenue stream by offering a new service to local businesses?


• 22 styles for men, women, and youth.

• Pick up a flex fit colorblock hat, Nike colorblock hat, or a snapback trucker hat.

• Hats come in a variety of different colors (even camo) and, as always, can be branded with your logo.

• For winter use, choose between beanies, knit winter caps, and fleece headbands.

• You can even add other stylish accessories to your line like scarves!

• Want to learn more? Read on!



• 25 styles to choose from for men, women, and youth.

• Choose from sport duffel bags, tote bags, string bags, gym bags, gear bags, and canvas knapsacks.

• You can also slap your branding on backpacks, laptop backbacks, over the shoulder messenger bags, wheeled backpacks and more!



• 8 styles for men, women, and youth.

• Add grommeted golf towels with your logo on them.

• Create nylon stadium blankets, fleece blankets, and beach towels with any design.

• And much, much more!


And that's not all!...

In addition to the over 200 apparel options that you can choose from, you can also create…

• Custom cell phone cases that place your brand or design literally in the palm of their hands. Allow them to accessorize their most-used tech with your style options without any extra effort.

• Customized laptop covers for a variety of different laptop makers.  See your design in coffee shops, at work, and on college campuses around the globe.

• Well-designed tablet covers that keep their expensive technology safe while sporting your unique look. They’ll see your design each and every day. And the best part? So will their peers.

Dog leashes that allow them to show their loyalty to your designs when they take their pup out for a walk.

• You can even inscribe your design in glass prints for awards ceremonies and recognition banquets. (This is a great way to enter the lucrative business market.)

• Plus, there are many more products to come! CustomCat is constantly developing its product options so that you have more and more opportunities to get your design out there in various forms.

By the Way, the Price Tag Will Surprise you…

Don’t let CustomCat's great selection and top-notch quality fool you. We actually provide the most affordable Shopify fulfillment solution on the web.

We beat the per-item pricing of other apparel printing companies like ViralStyle, Represent, and Teespring so you won’t have to sacrifice $$$ for happy customers.

Think about the money you will save… Say you design a t-shirt and sell 100 shirts per week.  If you use CustomCat, you’ll pay only $6.00 per item compared to $15.25 for Teespring printing.  That adds up to a savings of $92 5 per week or $48,100 per year! Imagine what you could do with that extra money! And an annual CustomCat license costs only $297 (or just $30/monthly).  In the above example, you’d cover the cost of the license in under a week. And the rest is pure profit…

Add Products to Your Shopify Store in 3 Easy Steps...

Licenses are Going Fast, so Order Now!

Click on the link below to purchase your license and you can start seeing the CustomCat difference today!

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Monthly Option

  • 14-Day Free Trial
  • Just $30 Monthly
  • Unlimited Usage
  • Install On Up To 3 Store
CustomCat fulfillment Shopify integration

Annual Option

  • 14-Day Free Trial
  • Just $297 Annually (a 17% savings)
  • Unlimited Usage
  • Install On Up To 3 Store
CustomCat fulfillment Shopify integration

So why are we charging for exclusive access to the Shopify app?  Here are the three very good reasons why we must:

  • To weed out unscrupulous marketers most likely to sell trademarked products and engage in other shady sales techniques which will exhaust customer support resources unnecessarily
  • To ensure the app is supported and new features get added as quickly as possible on an on-going basis
  • To throttle the volume being sent through to production so that the 24-48 hour shipping can be maintained for all sellers

Now Enjoy a 14-Day FREE Trial!

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Monthly Option

  • 14-Day Free Trial
  • Just $30 Monthly
  • Unlimited Usage
  • Install On Up To 3 Store
CustomCat fulfillment Shopify integration

Annual Option

  • 14-Day Free Trial
  • Just $297 Annually (a 17% savings)
  • Unlimited Usage
  • Install On Up To 3 Store
CustomCat fulfillment Shopify integration